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Perspective - September 19, 2008


Asked at Osage Station Park in Danville

What does happiness mean to you?

My two boys. I love spending time with them. We especially like to go on vacations and do a lot of sports.

Tricia Facteau


I am Dave Land, the happiest person on earth! I am also a musician and I love jamming with the band but I really like it when my kids come up on stage and sing with me and the special look my wife gives me when I am playing a song just for her.

Dave Land


Spending time with my family. We do family dinners, Scouting, sports, everything ... I especially like to play tennis with my wife, Ann.

Steve Miller


Getting one of my students to have an "ah ha" moment. When they get it, their eyes light up. It makes teaching all worthwhile. Also, playing tennis pain-free because I have a torn knee right now.

Wayne Hagstrom

second-grade teacher

I am happiest playing with my best friend Christian at school. We slide down the slide together. Having a best friend is really fun.

Ethan Brown

4-1/2 years old