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Newsfront - September 26, 2008

CPC to give hope for the holidays

Gift World will benefit those in need while helping shoppers find the perfect present

by Geoff Gillette

Members of the Community Presbyterian Church in Danville are putting on an event that they hope will tackle the lofty goal of helping people around the world while at the same time handle the sometimes frustrating chore of holiday gift giving.

CPC Missions Committee member Lynda Kelly said the church will be hosting Gift World on Oct. 4-5, an event where residents can purchase aid packages for people around the world and donate them in the name of friends or family members.

Kelly said she is modeling her program on one done by First Presbyterian in Berkeley.

"It's a gift in two ways - a gift to family as well as a gift to a person in need locally and abroad," she explained.

During Gift World, CPC will have a big white tent set up. Residents will be able to come and see the types of missions the gifts will fund. They are both foreign and domestic, ranging from feeding the needy in Oakland or Richmond to providing warm clothes for children in Mongolia who lost everything in a fire.

The gifts range from $5 to $40 and are tax deductible. Kelly said people will come to the event and purchase their gifts. The donation goes to the mission or organization overseeing the work, and the buyer is given a Gift World holiday card with an insert detailing the donation made and how their gift will be used.

"Everyone has pretty much everything they need here in Danville, but this is something that will make a difference. Meaningful gifts," Kelly said.

The event will run from 3-7 p.m. Saturday; and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday.


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