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Perspective - September 26, 2008


Asked at Safeway in Alamo Plaza

How are you saving on your grocery shopping?

For the first time in my life, I notice prices! I am eating less. I buy items on sale. I cut back, for instance I use regular butter instead of European butter.

Lynn White


I shop often and I shop the sales. I look in the fliers for all the discounts. Today it was asparagus.

Karen Adams

registered nurse

I look for items on sale. Especially the buy one, get one free items. We get a 10 percent discount on Safeway brands. I watch the ads for best buys. If something is way over my budget, I'll pass on it. We have to live within our means these days.

Pat Taylor

Safeway Deli employee

I usually won't buy anything unless it is on sale I will buy the generic brand instead of the name brand. If it's on sale, I will stock up. I am on food stamps and it has to last me all month. Jessica Sumner


I am not saving! If you need it, you have to buy it. I work to budget but it always costs more once you get here.

Genny Johnston

retired homemaker


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