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Perspective - September 26, 2008

The process continues

The long-awaited decision has come down from LAFCO: Alamo residents will vote on incorporation.

At its meeting in Alamo last week, members of the Local Agency Formation Commission kept everyone on the edge of their seats as they discussed the financial feasibility study, how services would be provided to the proposed city, and whether or not Alamo could be self-sustaining - and hence whether the issue should be put to a vote.

At one point some LAFCO members wanted more time to look at some financial figures. But they were told by the LAFCO staff that they had only a week to make a decision if they wanted incorporation on the ballot in March. It seemed impossible to reschedule a meeting in such a timely fashion so public member Martin McNair changed his vote to the 4-1 vote the issue needed. LAFCO consists of members of the public, elected officials of cities and the county, and special district members.

Now candidates have to step forward to campaign for the city council that would run Alamo if its residents vote to incorporate. This part of incorporation is always tricky because council members will be elected whether or not they end up with a town to govern after the probable March 3 election.

It has been a 17-month process thus far. Signatures had to be collected asking LAFCO for a feasibility study, plus $200,000 had to be raised to pay for the study. The Alamo Community Foundation was begun for the purpose of raising the money as well as educating residents about the issue.

The next six months should prove exciting as we watch campaigns for and against the incorporation of Alamo, as well as the candidates for council. And after March 3? We will either have a new city in the San Ramon Valley, or we will have laid the issue to rest - at least for another few years.