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Community Pulse - October 3, 2008

Alamo man arrested on drug charge

Sharp eyes and attention to detail are being credited in the arrests of two men early Monday of last week on drug charges.

Danville Police Lt. Mark Williams said the arrests stemmed from a traffic stop carried out by a pair of Danville officers at 2 a.m. Sept. 22 near the intersection of Greenbrook Drive and Camino Ramon.

A vehicle driven by a man identified as Nathaniel Garban, 19, was pulled over for having expired registration. Williams said that while one officer conversed with Garban the other observed a passenger in the vehicle, 18-year-old Justin Nathanson of San Ramon.

Nathanson was reported to be acting in a nervous fashion, causing the officer to ask him to leave the vehicle. On questioning from the officer, the man admitted to using illegal narcotics, according to reports. He was subsequently taken into custody.

The first officer, still talking to Garban, asked him if he, too, had used any illegal substances before getting in his vehicle. Garban admitted that he recently smoked methamphetamines and had taken prescription medication, said police. Garban consented to a search of his pickup truck, which turned up a plastic bag with three doses of diazepam.

Garban was arrested on charges of possession of dangerous drugs. Nathanson was charged with being under the influence of drugs. Both were transported to the Martinez Detention Facility and have since been released on bond.

--Geoff Gillette


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