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Community Pulse - October 3, 2008

Counterfeit scam lands pair in jail

A man and woman are facing felony charges after they attempted to scam a local business owner out of several hundred dollars. Danville Police Lt. Mark Williams said officers were called to the Tuesday Morning store on Camino Ramon around 11:15 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 24, after receiving a report of individuals involved in the illegal acquisition of merchandise from another store.

On arrival, officers were informed by a store employee that earlier in the week a man and woman purchased $300 worth of merchandise in the Berkeley Tuesday Morning store using counterfeit currency. Not long after, they reportedly tried to return the items to the Pleasanton branch of Tuesday Morning but were unable to do it. Loss prevention officials with the store sent e-mails to all of the stores with a basic description.

The employee said a woman fitting one of the two descriptions was trying to return items in Danville. Police detained the woman, identified as Rickieda Wright, 26, of Oakland. During the interview with Wright, the woman claimed she had done nothing wrong. Officers noted that her cell phone kept ringing but that she did not answer. On examination of the cell, they saw that it had received several calls from the same number.

Calling back the number, officers talked to an unidentified male who refused to speak to officers and refused to come to the store. With a description of the suspect auto, police quickly canvassed the area and discovered Tariq Shabazz, 24, parked in the Costco parking lot nearby.

Wright and Shabazz were taken into custody on charges of commercial burglary and conspiracy. Both are currently free on bond.

--Geoff Gillette


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