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Newsfront - October 3, 2008

Danville PD targets ongoing burglaries

Undercover cops canvass neighborhoods for suspects

by Geoff Gillette

Danville Police investigators are looking into a series of car burglaries throughout the town. Lt. Mark Williams said there have been a number of reported incidents where items were stolen from automobiles in Danville.

"We've had some sporadic auto burglaries and thefts throughout the town over the last couple months. There's really been no specific place where they're hitting," he said.

Police records indicate that in July there were eight reported burglaries. August saw 13 and September had at least 10.

Williams said when they start to see crimes of a certain nature begin to spike they have a two-fold plan for dealing with it. "Number one ... educating the community on how to prevent themselves from being victimized. Two ... enforcement."

Part of that enforcement effort is what Williams calls Burglary Suppression Operations.

"We'll staff anywhere from four to six officers during a particular time based on crime analysis. They'll go undercover and get out on foot."

On Aug. 22, Danville Police Department put officers on the street for one of the suppression operations. Williams said four officers went out during the graveyard shift and they made around 15 contacts with individuals they spotted in those neighborhoods.

"We identified some people. A couple of those folks really had no reason for loitering in the particular neighborhood we stopped them in. In one case they were from outside the area and couldn't tell officers why they were there," he explained.

No arrests were made, but Williams said making contacts can be enough of a deterrent to keep the criminals from coming back. "They know we have their names, and they know that if a crime is committed in this neighborhood that they'll be the first person we'd be checking on."

In the meantime, residents are urged to make sure their vehicle doors are locked, and hide any valuables or electronics so they are not readily visible through the windows. "In most cases, the people being victimized are the ones who are leaving things right out where they can be seen," Williams said.

He also said maintaining good communication with the Police Department can be instrumental in stopping these burglaries. "Part of any enforcement effort is good 'intel' from the community. If a person sees anything suspicious they should call 9-1-1 and report it in."