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Perspective - October 3, 2008


Asked on the Iron Horse Trail

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

We are dog people but we love cats too. We had a dog named Jonathan, a bassett hound. Our lifestyle does not permit another dog because we travel four months out of the year.

Joe and Ellie Cagnima

world travelers

I am a professional dog walker! Today I will be walking five dogs. I also have four cats. I've been doing this for four years. My job actually relieves my stress. I get to exercise and nurture.

Martha Lee

professional dog walker

I am more of a dog person. You just can't do much with cats but dogs will do tricks. I have a dog named Pops. He's a German shepherd mix.

Shoshanna Lee


I am definitely a cat person. Cats are smart, independent, affectionate and clean. I have two cats and I love them. They are my babies.

Barbara Gallagher


Cat person. I love the mysteries of their personalities. I have a cat named Stormy. I rescued her from a storm drain three years ago.

Matt DiFalco

pet store employee


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