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Perspective - October 10, 2008

Letters to the editor

McNerney works for us

Dear Editor:

War is hell. Even worse for the returning veteran is home front neglect after he has done his duty, survived hell, and celebrated his homecoming. Fortunately, our veterans have 11th District Congressman Jerry McNerney in their corner. In his freshman term in Congress, Jerry wrote bills increasing veterans' pay for enduring hostile fire, providing better health care for combat wounds and to help pay for wound healing and rehabilitation.

Jerry's support was key to passing the new GI Bill that helps our veterans afford four years of college, and he wrote the provision in the Foreclosure Bill helping military families stay in their homes. A professional energy scientist, Jerry has the experience and realistic ideas America needs so desperately to switch to sustainable energy technologies.

Forty-five times since his election 20 months ago, Jerry's taken his "Congress on Your Corner" program to our neighborhood malls, grocery stores and ice cream shops to listen to our concerns. He's available to us throughout the sprawling 11th District (Alamo on the north, Gilroy on the south, through Stockton on the east), not just in his offices.

Vote for Jerry McNerney - truly a man of the people - to keep him working for us.

Howard T. Goodman, Danville

Bordogna brings change

Dear Editor:

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, nothing renews the tree of democracy like removing stale politicians from office. Therefore in this election season the people of the Town of Danville have a chance to bring some real change to the Danville Town Council by electing Marianne Bordogna. Marianne is a fine person who has been active in business and the local community in Danville for many years.

I have had the opportunity know her personally and professionally and I think she would be a great town council person.

Kyle Vallone, San Ramon

Name correction

Dear Editor:

I have read, and re-read with interest, the Danville Weekly coverage of the recent LAFCO hearing as set forth in the two-page spread of the Sept. 26 issue of the Danville Weekly. Excellent! Except - my last name has always been, and still is, spelled: MYHRE (not Myre).

I said a lot more than the short quote about our monthly gasoline purchases outstripping our monthly food purchases such as the mention of the fact that when last incorporation was attempted there were four service stations in Alamo with a total of 10 service bays selling batteries, tires, mufflers, spark plugs, brake relinings, etc., and now we have none! Nowhere to get a flat tire repaired or a battery charged. Now there are only service stations, selling beer, sodas and potato chips. The statement about fixing a flat or getting a battery charged were not uttered as they cut me off (a three-minute limit?).

Robert Dale Myhre, Alamo Citizen of the Year 1990

Inconsistent messages

Dear Editor:

You published a fine letter from Mayor Candace Andersen last Friday in which she writes that she "does not believe that anyone in our community should be discriminated against based upon his or her sexual orientation." While I admire her for writing the letter, I am writing because I am confused about another public position of hers. She has endorsed, in the name of the Town of Danville, an organization whose Web site url is "protectmarriage." The opening page of the site prominently declares that they support "Restoring Marriage and Protecting California Children."

This kind of innuendo and fear mongering, created by skilled propagandists, is a familiar tactic of extremists. Clearly, they want us to be anxious and worried that those who favor granting full marriage equality to same sex couples are not going to protect California's children. This is shameful manipulation.

Andersen's letter to the paper is so thoughtful and reasonable. I am puzzled about why she would create the appearance of inconsistency in her message by endorsing an organization which operates at such a low level. As a Danville resident, I am sorry to see our town's image tarnished by the mayor's actions. She is free, as a private citizen, to ally herself with whatever nefarious organization she chooses. As a public figure, she should be more prudent about dragging Danville into such a nasty business.

Robin Taylor, Danville

Piepho fixed my problem

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary N. Piepho and her professional staff for resolving an issue my family was having with the Central Contra Costa County Transit Authority. We have a designated bus stop on Stone Valley Road near our home. This bus stop even has a paved turnout lane for added safety. Because there was no CCCTA flag at the stop, drivers were not stopping to pick up passengers at the bus stop, even though we had called the transit authority to complain. I called Piepho's office, and within a short time, a transit authority flag was erected at the bus stop. My children are now able to use public transit to ride to our local public schools. It's reassuring to know public officials such as Supervisor Piepho are so responsive to the needs of their constituents.

Nanci Wolske, Alamo


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Posted by kennyw
a resident of another community
on Oct 10, 2008 at 5:06 pm

Robin: About a month ago, I emailed Candace (and CC'd all of the council members) asking whether it was appropriate for her to use her title of mayor when supporting Prop 8 on that website. My point to her was that she was NEVER elected to the position of mayor. That title has simply been rotated to her this year. Prop 8 is not a city issue and as such I thought it inappropriate that she used her mayoral title on the website. Why did she feel it appropriate to needlessly drag Danville's name into a very controversial topic that is not a city issue? NOBODY from the council responded to my email. I can only assume that the council members feel it is appropriate to use their elected titles when taking positions on matters that do not relate to city government. I question whether that is a sign of somebody who has the judgement needed to lead a city. I hope the voters of Danville will keep that in mind too.