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Perspective - October 17, 2008


asked at Yardbirds in Alamo

Are you handy?

I am a contractor. I do general work. I even work around the house off hours except for landscaping. That's where I draw the line. I do get a "honey-do" list.

Justin Orman

contractor and Jack's dad

Absolutely! I can answer your questions about anything. I have been working at Yardbirds for nine years now. My specialty is lighting and electrical.

Sharon Terry

sales associate

No. I think people that are handy learned it from their fathers. My dad had a deli. Now, I can make you a mean pastrami sandwich. I even cure my own meat.

Elliot Lowen


I'm a real handy kind of guy. I am also a handyman. I do home remodels. Right now I'm building arched columns for a pathway in Alamo. So far the economy has not affected me. I think it's because I put great attention into the detail.

Fred Van Nostrand


I am very handy. I can do anything. Gardening, repairs, you name it. I don't hire someone, I do it myself. I even changed my car fuel filter. I just look it up in a book or on the Internet and it tells me how to do it. It's easy.

Jenifer Noble

preschool teacher and handywoman extraordinaire