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Cover Story - October 24, 2008

Danville Town Council

Candace Andersen

Occupation: Incumbent, attorney, licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii

Education: Bachelor's degree in public policy

Experience: Danville Town Council Member (2003-present); community volunteer for schools, Museum of the San Ramon Valley, Scouts, Church Youth Group; former member of the Morgan Hill City Council

What is your vision of downtown Danville? What will you do to keep shoppers coming to the downtown?

My vision of downtown Danville is to build upon what we have now - a mix of historic buildings complemented by new construction, with a strong retail emphasis, in a pedestrian friendly and beautifully maintained environment. We have some exciting projects coming forward to enhance the downtown including the redevelopment of the Danville Hotel and Times Buildings; renovation of the Veteran's Hall; and landscaping and sidewalk improvements to the north end of Hartz. To keep shoppers coming downtown we need to ensure that they know what's available. Special events and our new Web site launching later this year will do just that.

What would you like to see in the redevelopment of the Veterans Memorial Building?

The Veterans Hall has played a significant role in our community for the past 83 years. We must find the appropriate balance of preserving its historic elements while expanding and renovating it to meet the needs of both veterans and the community at large, especially our seniors who will be using it daily for their programs. It is also very important that we keep our redevelopment costs for this building within our budget. The Town has appropriated $5 million and the veterans plan to raise another $3 million. I believe we can accomplish something great within this amount.

How would you want to represent Danville regionally?

I will continue to do what I have for the past five years, which is to work collaboratively with our neighboring jurisdictions. I regularly meet with the mayors in Contra Costa and the Tri-Valley cities to bring solutions to problems in our region. The decisions made by one jurisdiction can affect all of us in the region. We must continue to work together on issues related to land use, traffic, transportation, economic development and the environment. Fortunately, we have committees in place to address these areas of concern and I look forward to continuing to serve on many of them.

What ideas do you have to make Danville more environmentally friendly?

As leaders we have a stewardship over Danville to ensure that its resources are available for future generations. We must keep implementing "green policies" as a governmental entity and make our citizens aware of opportunities so that they can also look for ways to conserve. Some ways we are reducing our carbon footprint include: reduced permit fees for solar installation; studying opportunities to add solar panels to Town-owned buildings; purchasing hybrids and more fuel efficient vehicles for police and maintenance; adding recycling bins downtown; passing an ordinance for the recycling of construction debris; encouraging more use of reusable shopping bags.

In your view, what is the most pressing issue facing Danville in the coming years?

Two months ago I would have said that it was dealing with the impacts of growth around us. Especially, protecting Danville's Urban Limit Line, working with San Ramon to ensure that any development in the Tassajara Valley be consistent with this voter-approved measure and not negatively affect Danville. However, at this time I am concerned about ensuring the fiscal stability of Danville given the Country and the State's economic crises. We have always passed a balanced budget and kept close to 30 percent of our operating budget in reserve, but we need to be prepared for future losses of revenue.

Newell Arnerich

Occupation: Incumbent, architect

Education: Bachelor's and master's degrees, UC Berkeley

Experience: Danville Mayor 2004, 1999; Danville Town Council 1993-present; Danville Design Review Board 1990-95; Danville Planning Commission 1991-95, chairman 1993; Operation Welcome Home, Honoring returning Veterans, co-founder; Citizens Advisory Committee on SRVUSD Facilities (Measure D Recommendation)

What is your vision of downtown Danville? What will you do to keep shoppers coming to the downtown?

We have been able to keep our focus on downtown Danville and continue to revitalize "Old Town" with preservation of historic structures, new and remodeled buildings and new businesses. As mayor and council member, I continue to support Discover Danville Association and its Town co-sponsored business promotion campaign, which is focusing on Old Town and quality special events to encourage families to enjoy our fine unique shopping experience. The north end of Old Town is moving further in the planning stages for extending the "Old Town" streetscape standards and improvements to encourage redevelopment. Along with economic solutions, we need to continue to improve and maximize downtown public parking.

What would you like to see in the redevelopment of the Veterans Memorial Building?

The development of the new Veteran's Hall and Senior Center in Old Town Danville over the next two years will afford us an opportunity to create a long lasting gathering place and a first class facility honoring our Veterans. Our senior community will be well served by the new accessible facility afforded by the gracious support of our Veterans groups. This building can also serve to demonstrate our commitment to green building technologies and play a role in reducing energy consumption with the incorporation of smart green building technologies. In addition, unlike most communities, we save our money before starting capital improvement projects. We have saved over $5.25 million to build the new Veteran's Hall and Community Center.

How would you want to represent Danville regionally?

Regional leadership is essential in monitoring the reoccurring threat of suburban sprawl in Tassajara Valley and surrounding areas. Danville did not happen by accident; it was carefully planned and will need to be carefully guided by the council on a continuing basis. I have served on the southwest Regional Urban Limit Line Measure J Committee seeking input from our residents and surrounding communities on maintaining the critical urban growth boundary. In addition, I served on the Tri-valley Transportation Council, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Southwest Area Transportation Committee, League of California Cities Commission on Housing, Community and Economic Development and the Tri-valley Affordable Housing Committee. Danville must continue to stay involved at all levels of regional development. What happens in other communities has a direct impact on our quality of life in Danville.

What ideas do you have to make Danville more environmentally friendly?

We are beginning a study of the Town's public buildings, parks, vehicles, etc., to set a standard for a minimum of 50 percent reduction in energy usage by 2012 and an ultimate goal of "0" consumption by 2020. I believe we can achieve this with a retrofit of our facilities with solar systems, solar powered LED park lighting and other new technologies. Based upon this model, the Town will be able to demonstrate to our residents the success of using alternative energy solutions. In addition our new Vets Hall and Senior Center is being planned as a LEED certified Silver Level green building. At the same time we are working on increasing our vehicle fleet mileage efficiency by 50 percent.

In your view, what is the most pressing issue facing Danville in the coming years?

Our small Town continues to enjoy its unique rural setting and high standards as a small comfortable place. With limited resources, each decision is carefully planned and cautiously undertaken. From the play structures at Osage Park to the seasonal banners in Old Town and the field improvements at Sycamore Park, all are looked at with the same careful consideration. I believe the impact of the state's budget crisis on our limited resources will remain a principal area of concern while trying to ensure our high level of services. E-business of Town services will continue to be a high priority in helping improve customer service in a cost effective manner. We want to provide better and faster response to government services and information.

Marianne Bordogna

Occupation: Real estate broker

Education: M.A. Edinboro University of PA; M.S. Golden Gate University

Experience: Former telecom & management consultant executive; background in operations, engineering, planning, software development, marketing and sales; managed organizations & budgets of $100M-plus; member of local, county and national real estate associations; member and previous board member of PBWC, The Wellness Community, Women and Leadership Network

What is your vision of downtown Danville? What will you do to keep shoppers coming to the downtown?

My vision of Danville resembles an updated Norman Rockwell painting - people strolling, stopping for ice cream, meeting friends. To draw shoppers downtown, we need to understand which products/services shoppers wish to purchase locally (via survey, etc.), then attract those businesses to our marketplace. Discover Danville is a good marketing tool for the Town. We also need to incent shoppers to choose LOCAL - whether it's walking into a store or clicking a mouse! While downtown events provide added exposure for businesses and promote shopping, customer service reflecting the "Danville experience" is key to repeat business.

What would you like to see in the redevelopment of the Veterans Memorial Building?

This is a project near to my heart. My dad was a VFW Post Commander, who helped build and then managed our VFW for 50-plus years. It remains the meeting place for all veterans' events, as well as the town's social center, offering meeting rooms and full catering supporting a banquet hall capable of seating 500 people - not including the dance floor! It's in high demand, an area draw booked a year in advance for wedding receptions, sports banquets, etc. Danville has the opportunity to create such a "heart" in our town - one that reflects the needs of our veterans and residents. It's exciting to be a part of it!

How would you want to represent Danville regionally?

Danville is represented in many regional committees/agencies, e.g., planning, disaster recovery, homeland security, etc. However, we need to leverage and engage the talent of our residents, employed from Silicon Valley to San Francisco, to provide new solutions to our town opportunities. What challenge are we facing and who can best address it? Why not hold "town summits," in related fields, of some of the best minds in our area? A call to arms - reaching out to get people involved, creating ownership that supports our "small town" atmosphere, which also serves to carry us forward, as previous leaders prepare to hand over the reins.

What ideas do you have to make Danville more environmentally friendly?

Can we lower or eliminate building permit fees for "green" building, e.g., solar power? Can we educate the public on available rebates? Can we seek out grant money for converting town buildings, lighting, schools, etc., to solar powered alternatives? What happens when electric cars take off ... how are they re-charged and where are they serviced? Are those services/companies located in Danville - or in neighboring cities? Are we planning for that evolution? Can we utilize local student input in addressing these issues? There's a lot of potential here - and we happen to be a town loaded with untapped talent.

In your view, what is the most pressing issue facing Danville in the coming years?

There are two major issues facing Danville: 1) managing our budget, while protecting our local coffers from county/state attack and, 2) impacts on Danville from future growth in the unincorporated Tassajara Valley - affecting our infrastructure, traffic, schools and local commerce. We need to be prepared for both and have contingency plans in place for our response under various possible scenarios. We also need to improve our relationship with neighboring cities, the county and Sacramento, working together to define the best solutions for all.

Mike Doyle

Occupation: Incumbent, retired

Education: Two years of college

Experience: League of California Cities Board of Directors; lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars; lifetime member of American Legion; lifetime member of Berlin Airlift Association; Board of Directors "Sentinels of Freedom"

What is your vision of downtown Danville? What will you do to keep shoppers coming to the downtown?

We have a unique downtown that sets Danville apart and makes people want to visit. I envision the Town continuing with several initiatives including:

* Building improvements such as public parking, public facilities, streetscape beautification, plazas and lighting;

* Promoting development standards that maintain our special character while allowing for careful redevelopment of key sites;

* Continuing strong working relationships with our Chamber of Commerce and Discover Danville Association; and

* Streamlining the permitting and plan review process.

Our new "Shop Local" campaign will attract shoppers by letting them know what's available downtown, while showing the region the uniqueness that Danville has to offer.

What would you like to see in the redevelopment of the Veterans Memorial Building?

Our Veterans Memorial Building has been located in the heart of our downtown since 1925. I'm proud to be a veteran, and I was proud to support committing $5.2 million to acquire and revitalize this site, to show appreciation to past, current and future generations of veterans. I favor a project that preserves some of the history of the site while expanding and modernizing the building to improve its function. The new facility will be the hub of veterans activities for the San Ramon Valley; provide an opportunity to better meet the facility needs of our growing senior population; add needed community meeting space; and attract more people downtown.

How would you want to represent Danville regionally?

As a council member and three time mayor, I've represented Danville in many capacities - regionally and state-wide. I strive to familiarize myself with the issues and how they potentially affect Danville, while advocating solutions of greatest benefit to our community and quality of life. The positive working relationships I've developed throughout the region and the state allow me to be an effective voice on the Town's behalf. Currently I serve on the Board of the League of California cities, where I work to promote legislation helpful to Danville and other cities, while protecting the vital sources of revenue that allow us to deliver critical local services.

What ideas do you have to make Danville more environmentally friendly?

The Town is currently working to implement AB 32, which requires reducing GHG to 1990 levels by the year 2020. Toward this end, there are a number of things that we can and are doing:

* Planning for how to retrofit Town facilities for solar power;

* Reducing the amount of solid waste generated and promoting more recycling;

* Reducing water consumption at Town-owned facilities;

* Reducing vehicle emissions through increasing the use of hybrid and more fuel efficient Town vehicles;

* Considering "green" development standards; and

* Improving trail systems to promote more biking/walking.

In your view, what is the most pressing issue facing Danville in the coming years?

The fact that Danville is located within a growing and changing region means that the Town cannot entirely control its own destiny. Danville has a history of careful planning and adherence to our adopted General Plan. But the Town continues to be significantly affected by land use decisions being made by surrounding jurisdictions and the resultant impacts upon our transportation infrastructure, facilities and quality of life. Other pressing issues include:

* Helping to care for and promote our youth.

* Planning for how to better serve our aging population.

* Controlling public safety costs while continuing to provide excellent police services.

* Continuing efforts to revitalize our Downtown.


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