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Perspective - October 24, 2008

Keep Danville incumbents

Four candidates are running for three seats on the Danville Town Council: incumbents Newell Arnerich, Candace Anderson and Mike Doyle; and challenger Marianne Bordogna. After carefully watching the Danville political scene for the last three-and-a-half years we think the incumbents have proven to be effective leaders, working well with town staff for the good of the town with a tight budget while the population continues to grow. They share a vision for the town, including fiscal responsibility, protection of open space and improving transportation.

Marianne Bordogna says residents feel the town leaders do not listen to them but we have observed the incumbents being accessible and responsive to concerns and complaints. We are glad that Bordogna entered the race to make it a real contest and to cause everyone to examine their goals and positions. If she is not elected perhaps she might want to serve on a commission to learn more about the intricacies of town government.

Mayor Andersen has garnered attention for her support of state Proposition 8, which seeks to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Nonetheless her tenure with the town has been one of solid service. The experience she has gained in Danville government since joining the council in 2003 will make her valuable as important decisions are made regarding the redevelopment of the Veterans Hall and the Danville Hotel property.

Buchanan for Assembly

California's two biggest concerns as we elect a new person to represent the 15th Assembly District are the $15.2 billion budget deficit and education. Both candidates have financial expertise and are supporters of education: School Board Trustee Joan Buchanan, the Democratic nominee, and San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson, a Republican.

Both pride themselves in having "reached across the aisle" during their successful terms after taking office when the school district and the city of San Ramon were rife with personnel and financial problems. They were instrumental in establishing working relationships and in improving credit ratings in their institutions.

We are endorsing Buchanan, due to her 18 years in public office and the fact that she could continue her statewide work in education if elected to serve in Sacramento. California Superintendent of Public Education Delaine Eastin encouraged Buchanan to run for the office.

We disagree with Wilson's pledge not to raise taxes because this gets any discussion off to a negative start when any and all solutions to our problems need to at least be put on the table.

Buchanan's work with the developers of Dougherty Valley to ensure quality facilities for that new population and as operations director with Delta Dental show an ability to approach problems creatively, which is the only way to go in solving our state budget crisis.


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Posted by moron with an i
a resident of Walnut Creek
on Oct 30, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Give CandyAnn more free time to pursue her "agenda". Don't re-elect her. Give someone else a chance to serve on the Council. Remember, all these incumbents were new members at one time or another. So, take a chance on someone new again. Change is a good thing. Keeps things fresh!