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Sports - October 24, 2008

Monte Vista High School sports wrap-up

by Lizzy Hearne


Monte Vista water polo sunk the competition this week, with the varsity girls beating Granada, 23-3, on Oct. 14 and Cal High, 15-2, only two days later. Teresa Steffens defended her way into Player of the Week for the undefeated team. Girls varsity is currently in first place in the East Bay Athletic League.

Varsity boys defeated Granada, 15-7. Alan Robertson scored six of the team's 13 goals against Cal High, beating them 13-7.


Mustang Football pulled out another win against Cal High, outscoring them 24-21, last Friday, Oct. 17. Brendan Garcia kicked a field goal in the last minute of the game, putting Monte Vista in the lead. Brett Nottingham, Zach Ertz, Tom Hemmingson and Sam Mosely led the offensive line to victory. Top defensive players included David Wilkerson, Azziz Ikharo and Nick Garitano. Monte Vista's record is currently 6-0.


Last week, women's varsity tennis swept their opponents and pulled out three victories. They defeated Foothill 5-4, Granada 7-1, and cross town rivals San Ramon 6-3. Top single players included Elena Cadet, Sheena Chaudhuri and Jacqueline Murray. Lauren Ha and Erin Swete dominated the women's doubles.