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Perspective - October 31, 2008

Excerpts from Town Square: Online views about Prop 8

Nobody likes to think of him/herself as bigoted, but it is impossible to escape the fact that Prop 8 denies full social participation to a significant minority of our fellow Californians.

To sustain your "hate the sin/love the sinner" argument, you must decide that homosexuality is a "lifestyle choice," rather than an innate feature of one's makeup. It's not, any more than your or my heterosexual orientation is. It really is like, say, skin color, gender or even handedness - would you deny equality on any of those bases?

One of my favorite cartoons shows Dad and son, sitting on the edge of the boy's bed, and Dad says: "Son, I think it's time we chose your sexual orientation." Do you really think it works like that?

Constitutions are precious, and there's not enough love in the world. Why would we go way out of our way to institutionalize exclusion and bigotry? CA has always stood for inclusion and acceptance. Please vote "No" and keep our state open on an equal basis to all who choose love.

Posted by Tom Cushing, a resident of the Danville neighborhood

All laws, propositions, amendments, etc. are, in fact, the process of distributing or re-distributing rights. Each voter is obliged to consider the short and long-term consequences of each measure. In some societies, the tradition is to try to calculate the impact on the seventh generation.

I've calculated as best I can. I understand rights for many parties are at stake. This is not a shallow issue of "it won't hurt anyone" or "equal rights for all." There is no such thing ... just ask your kids. We all try to be fair, but equality is not an option when so many complex rights are woven into our democracy. Let's not be silly and pretend that Prop 8 is a "simple matter of equality."

Yes, the rights of gays are in question. But this is also a question of religious freedom, and freedom of speech - these are two of our fundamentals, folks. They are worth protecting even if we are no longer as religious as we used to be.

I strongly support Prop 8 because a Yes vote on 8 does a better job than a No vote on 8 in ensuring the best, the most fair balance of rights. …

Nothin's perfect, nothing is equal. But Prop 8 is fair. Let's be fair.

Posted by Rulon McKay, 6-year resident of Danville

When mostly rational and reasonable people put their stamp of approval on labeling a group of people as different and therefore excluding them from a right based on who they are ... it validates and lends credence to those who desire a much more sinister version of this labeling and exclusion. Our society carries many prejudices against gays and lesbians, so with your vote to support Prop 8 are you helping to feed those prejudices or helping to quell those prejudices? Will your gay and lesbian friends and family be better off after your vote to support Prop 8 or not? This vote is not about your rights - those will remain the same whether or not the Prop passes.

We are all judged by the company that we keep. Spending time with your gay and lesbian friends and family is great, but deserting them when you should be standing up for them is not loving. It is shameful.

Posted by Greengal, a resident of the Danville neighborhood

The Prop 8 must pass to have civility in the society. The marriage must be between a man and a woman. At the same time, people with all kinds of sexual orientation must be respected and their rights protected. If the same sex couples ask for the same rights as heterosexual couples, then it makes sense. But please do not call it a "marriage." It is not. It is that person's choice. The Prop 8 does not discriminate anyone. It just states that the marriage is between a man and a woman. How can the generations multiply if it is recognized this way? There will be no reproduction, which is one of the main purposes of a marriage. Do we want our little children, in elementary school, to learn about same sex marriages?

Posted by Paul, a resident of the San Ramon neighborhood

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