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Perspective - October 31, 2008

Letters to the editor

Stop childish behavior

Dear Editor:

This year's presidential campaign is a very passionate campaign on both the Democrat and Republican side - understandably so. Both campaigns should (and I emphasize should) be respectful of our right to freedom of expression/speech.

As a Republican backing John McCain, I find it unbelievable that here in Danville people would be so disrespectful, immature and insecure that some fringe groups are literally ripping signs down. On Saturday morning we woke to find that eggs had been thrown at the house and the McCain sign was bent on our lawn. The police were notified and they said others also have had this happen. We replaced the sign on the corner of Blackhawk Road and Camino Tassajara and it was stolen from there again, too.

Such behavior certainly doesn't bode well for the Democrats who, after all, if you believe the polls should have nothing to worry about. Undecided voters looking at such behavior just might not want to be associated with such a party and might then vote Republican (not what Democrats hope to accomplish, I'm sure).

I ask all involved to stop this childish and insecure behavior and let people decide for themselves.

Marion K., Danville