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Perspective - October 31, 2008


Asked at Greenbrook School in Danville, home of the Scary House that benefits the George Mark House

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. I think I have seen them before. When I was 15 and at my grandmother's house I saw a woman. My sister was there and she will back me up.

Stacey Vorous

stay-at-home mom

Yes. I think I have seen one before at my dad's very old house in Connecticut. The ghost looked like a little girl with blonde hair. At first I thought it was my little sister but when I checked on her, she was asleep in bed.

Ashleigh Briggs

behavioral analyst

No. No one has even seen one. They are only in stories and in movies.

Dominique Muldrow


Yes and no. I do not believe in the scary Halloween type that scare people and haunt houses. I do, however, believe in loved ones that come back to let you know they are OK.

Tracie Muldrow

substitute teacher

Yes, I do. My mother has come to me in my dreams and said not to worry anymore as she is out of pain. At Kids Country, we have "Victor the Ghost" who turns on the water, says "hi" and opens doors.

Jan Arens

childcare director


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