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Perspective - November 7, 2008

Letters to the editor

Fiscally safer

Dear Editor:

I support Alamo incorporation because the town will be fiscally safer in a financial downturn. The town would not incur overhead costs of buildings, maintenance yards, equipment and employee pension benefits because most town services and employees would be contracted.

Alamo's taxes would no longer go to pay down the county's unfunded $1.7 billion liability for employee benefits. The newly realized expanded property tax revenues of Alamo's older homes that come on the market would go to the new town rather than to the county, which can spend them elsewhere.

And the town would not be responsible for costs of the county's public health and welfare and child and adult protective services that always increase in an economic downturn.

More information about fiscal health of the new town can be found online at www.contracostalafco.org.

Grace Schmidt, Alamo


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