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Perspective - November 7, 2008


Asked at Bagel Street Cafe in Danville

How do you get into the fall season?

I am actually thinking about moving down south to San Diego. We live in a large house in Danville and it's just the two of us so I want out before the cold winter hits. I am world famous for my French onion soup and just made a big pot of it. I also took my hammock down last week.

Charles Moyer


Baking. We do cookies and pies. We decorate our house with leaves in the window, a scarecrow out front and a holiday wreath. We are ready! I teach culinary arts so I am teaching the kids how to make apple pies and corn muffins. We just did amazing spice cookies.

Mari Moschetti

high school teacher

I have rain boots and splash in the puddles. It was so much fun. I have a Hello Kitty umbrella and I like warm chicken noodle soup.

Julia Moschetti

4 years old

My mom decorates like no other. Once she brings out the Thanksgiving stuff, we start a fire, eat soup and I spend a lot more time in my sweatpants. I sleep more and can nap anytime. I like to listen to the rain in bed.

Sarah Snapp

college student

I like to drink hot apple cider. I love to bundle up and watch movies. Fall is more family oriented so I spend more time at home.

Amanda Wentling

college student