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Perspective - November 14, 2008

Alamo's city council

Alamo is looking for qualified residents to run for election to serve on its first city council - even though it may not become a city.

When Alamo residents vote March 3 for or against incorporation, they will also elect five people for the first city council. By combining the two processes, Alamo could end up with city council members but no city, as happened in earlier efforts to incorporate the entire San Ramon Valley. But incorporation is only on the ballot because a dedicated group of people believe Alamo would be better off under self-rule than county rule so there is a good chance it will pass.

The Alamo Incorporation Movement, a not-for-profit corporation formed to advocate cityhood, is presenting a panel discussion next week for potential council candidates to learn more about the process. A representative from the Contra Costa County Elections Department will explain the process and answer questions.

The panel also will include early council members from neighboring municipalities - including Beverly Lane and Susanna Schlendorf from Danville. They had the experience in 1972 of campaigning both to form the Town of Danville and to serve on the first Town Council. Since incorporation passed and they both were elected to serve, they were on the council that faced the myriad decisions involved with any fledgling municipality. Their input will be invaluable.

Carol Federighi, a Lafayette City Council member, will moderate the panel and it also will include San Ramon City Councilman Scott Perkins. This is a chance for everyone to learn the realities of serving on a city council and the issues that a council would face in a newly formed city.

Wednesday's presentation, which begins at 7 p.m. at Creekside Church, will be an interesting one for anyone considering a run for the new council. Even individuals against incorporation may want to run to serve on the council. They are the ones who will surely want to have input from the start if Alamo is incorporated.


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