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Perspective - November 14, 2008


Asked At Blackhawk Plaza

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

I am going to cook and have my entire family over. We gather because Thanksgiving is all about family. Good food and love. I make great pumpkin pies. I have been making them since I was 10 years old.

Suzette Burdt

trophy Wife

As a Canadian I will be enjoying this tradition with my American friends. I will be bringing the wine, cranberry relish and dessert. My husband just became an American citizen and I am next. I am waiting for the test to get easier!

Velma Simpson

Starbucks seat warmer

I am hosting 24 family and friends at my house. I have two daughters away at college and they are bringing a Danish student to experience her first Thanksgiving. I am cooking everything but the yams. Ann Sholer


I am going to my sister's house in Riverside. All of my sisters and I get together every year. There are five of them and I am the only guy. We cook the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Howard Kwock

in between jobs

We are going to St. George, Utah, and spending a whole week there with our friends from Southern California. I am cooking - my specialty is stuffing that my dad used to make when we were kids.

Marion Kohte

co-owner of 'In Your Face' company


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