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Column - November 21, 2008

Diablo Views: The latest scoop

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

We have a new Wine Guy at the Danville Weekly - a columnist who will share his love of wine and the insights he has gained from drinking it. I shared a glass of wine with him the other day.

Well, actually we had coffee at Peet's. But we talked about wine. He knows a lot more than I do about wine, loves to host tasting parties, and gave me advice about what to buy for my wine rack at home.

I have trouble with my wine rack. I cannot seem to keep it respectably stocked, much less full. The more I buy, the faster it seems to go. (I have the same problem with cookies.) But I try to keep something appropriate for any type of meal on hand. Since my husband has taken over the cooking, it seems the least I can do.

I never even meant to have a built-in wine rack. My daughter gave us a lovely teak and stainless steel 12-bottle rack for Christmas many years ago. Then when we had our kitchen remodeled in 2001, the contractor was unloading the new cupboards into our garage and shouted out, "You guys like wine?" He'd brought along a combination cookbook shelf/wine rack to form one end of our new kitchen island.

Unfortunately we had to consign our teak/steel rack out to the garage but it still serves a purpose - it holds cans of tennis balls. My daughter keeps hinting that it might look nice in her kitchen but we kind of like the way it serves in the tennis corner of our garage next to the hanging rackets.

Anyway the new Wine Guy's column starts next week. We're letting him remain anonymous because as much as he loves wine and writing about it, he's not ready to quit his day job.


Stop the presses! Or, I should say, stop the rumors.

We hear that rumors are being spread that the Danville Weekly has left town for good and also that we are going to be available only online. Wrong. And wrong.

As explained in a recent story, we are currently publishing our newspaper out of the offices of our sister paper, the Pleasanton Weekly. Our production department - the art director, four designers and ad services - has always been in Pleasanton for economies of scale.

The plan was to move the Danville Weekly into a smaller office in town and move more of our production activities to Pleasanton. This happened sooner rather than later when our computer server died, right when the Oct. 31 issue was deadlining. I can tell you now: It's a minor miracle that paper got out at all. We quickly moved what we needed down to Pleasanton and left what we could in the old Danville office on Diablo Road, where it remains. We are currently negotiating for a smaller Danville office so we can finish our move. I'll keep you posted.

Our print edition will remain the same - that's our first love! - although we are enhancing our online edition at the same time for those who prefer to get news online. But we feel strongly that a community newspaper should come out in print, to be savored tactilely, to be put aside to be read at your leisure, or to be shared with friends. And to give your eyes a rest from the computer screen.

We are also trying to mail the paper only to those who want it since the cost of newsprint has risen 30 percent during the last year. But we are committed to getting it into the hands of everyone who wants it - so be sure to request it if you aren't receiving it. Go to www.DanvilleWeekly.com or call 837-8300.

See you next week - in your mailbox, inbox or both.

-Dolores Fox Ciardelli can be e-mailed at editor@DanvilleWeekly.com.


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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Nov 21, 2008 at 7:25 am

Dear Dolores,

Among neighbors meeting in discussion groups in our region there is a willingness to pay a nominal subscription cost to insure that Embarcadero Publishing understands the importance of The Diablo Vista (Danville) Weekly to our region. With a majority of neighbors communicating by e-exchange, let me suggest that you post a subscription donation form on your on-line front page so our neighbors can insure delivery of your on-line and print additions.

Once again, Diablo Vista region neighbors are suggesting that you establish your new offices in the Alamo business district to be more central to your majority of readers in Saranap, Tice Valley, Rudgear, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Diablo, Blackhawk and Danville.

Best wishes,

Hal Bailey

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Posted by Sara
a resident of Danville
on Nov 24, 2008 at 4:21 pm

I'm excited to read this new column. I loved the "rules."