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Perspective - November 21, 2008

Letters to the editor

No on Alamo cityhood

Dear Editor:

It is unbelievable that a City of Alamo is being pushed! The economy is questionable and Helen Allen is the sole commissioner since the beginning who has pointed this out: that the funds are all low for the feasibility of a city for Alamo.

With 10,619 registered voters this is not possible to finance a city. Allen has been the mayor of Concord and has the experience to see what these low population figures can accomplish. Most voters realized from the beginning this was unreasonable. Also the police, fire protection, low-cost housing, and roads issues have been so vague that all their claims make them suspect. It is amazing that this Incorporation business has gone so far.

Talk to anyone from these cities that have incorporated: Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and Moraga. They are all disgusted with what has happened and many have moved here to Alamo because they disliked what happened, the expense and ambiance.

Alamo Incorporation Movement (AIM) and its funding source Alamo Community Foundation (ACF) are driven by one goal - creation of the Town of Alamo - ramrodding this bad deal through LAFCO and the Board of Supervisors, which means a contract city run by local bureaucrats that will cost the taxpayers plenty and ruin our area.

Is this what you want to live in and pay for, especially with the economy in such a mess? Please give it careful thought.

Please vote NO this coming spring.

Mrs. S.C. Thompson, Alamo