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Perspective - November 21, 2008


Asked on Hartz Avenue

Do you plan to do your holiday shopping on the day after Thanksgiving?

No way. There's a reason they call it "Black Friday." I worked in retail for years and it's just too busy with too many people. I am doing my shopping before the holiday rush.

Sharon Neves


No, I have a soccer tournament that day. I am a coach for the San Ramon Valley women's soccer team. My wife will be at the stores though! I plan to shop for my holiday gifts after Dec. 1st when the lights are on and there is a holiday feel around me.

Mark Jones

soccer coach

No, I will be driving home from Los Angeles so my daughter can sing at the Tree Lighting ceremony.

Dana Cohn


You bet! I will go to San Francisco to see all of the Christmas decorations with my whole family. We love to see the puppies in the Macy's window, they are so cute! It's an annual shopping tradition.

Lisa Jordan


No. My wife likes to do that. I am a last minute shopper. You can find me out there on Christmas Eve or a few days before. It's great because I only have to buy my wife a present and she handles the rest.

Dennis Purpura

executive recruiter