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Living - November 28, 2008

Just an average, everyday wine guy

by Don, the Everyday Wine Guy

I have a love for wine. I love red wine. I like dessert wine. I will drink white wine and tolerate champagne. Get the idea? I must admit that I am not a wine snob and I hate paying too much for a bottle of wine.

A year ago, I purchased a subscription to one of "those" high-end wine magazines. I thought I would become a "wine connoisseur." What happened? I realized that the wine reviewers simply gave 90 percent of the wines a good to great review - and very rarely could I decipher what they tasted in the wine.

In my opinion, this is no help to the average, everyday wine drinker.

I have taught my kids: "When faced with a problem, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution." Solution: Write a wine column not for the wine snob but for the "rest of the people."

So here are the rules for the column:

* I like red wine. You will see more red wine reviews in here than any other. Given that I am not being paid to write the column - I am going to drink what I like.

* I don't like to spend $100 on a bottle of wine. My goal is to review wines that you can buy for under $30. Periodically, I will review what I call special occasion wine or gift wine. I will put an upper limit of $60 on this wine. Wines that would be good for graduations, holidays, birthdays or gifts.

* The wine has to be available at a local store and must be available in reasonable quantities. So many reviews are of wines that can only be purchased if you are a member of a wine club - or they only made 300 cases. It seems to me that the everyday wine drinker will never get the opportunity to try these wines - so I won't review them.

With that said, I welcome suggestions, criticism (constructive would be better) and, heaven forbid, praise. Please feel free to e-mail with any of the above (or wines you think I should review) to everydaywineguy@hotmail.com.

In two weeks, the first review! The wine: Beringer, Founders Estate, 2005 Merlot. Available at Safeway for approximately $15. Until then, cheers!

Don, the Everyday Wine Guy lives in Danville and can be reached at everydaywineguy@hotmail.com


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