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Perspective - November 28, 2008


Asked At Lunardi's Market in Danville

Crab season has just opened. Have you indulged?

I have not yet this season. I plan on it though. We grew up with crab ciappino every year made by my grandma. We'd all sit at the table and crack the crab for her.

Michele Pontious

owner of Honeybee Fashions

It's in my cart now! This is the second time this week. I just love crab. We eat it plain with butter.

Stacey Archbell


We are going to a gourmet dinner gathering tomorrow night and I will be making a crab dip. It's a couple's thing where we share recipes. My crab dip is a new recipe and it has beans in it so we'll see how it turns out.

Danielle Bennett

stay-at-home mom

No, not yet but we are crab fans. We have a traditional crab feed at my mom's house every Christmas Eve so this will be Claire's first opportunity.

Claire and Corby Stead

car dealer

Yes, we eat it every day because we test it before we can sell it. It comes in everyday but Sunday. My favorite crab recipe is crab ciappino. We sell a lot of crab. Christmas crab feasts are huge in this town.

Tony Neal and Chris Gannon

fishmongers at Lunardi's


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