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Perspective - December 5, 2008


Asked At Ella J Boutique

What winter sports do you enjoy?

I love figure skating. I was a competitive skater for 10 years and I also coached. I trained with Kristi Yamaguchi's coach so it was a big part of my life.

Jessica Halim

owner of Ella J Boutique

I am into mountain biking. It's a year round sport in California. I go to school in San Luis Obispo and they have some great trails there. I'm home for Thanksgiving break.

David Lewis

college senior

I'm a runner. I run six miles a day rain or shine. I also like to snowboard when I get the chance but I work a lot right now.

Emma Marex

sales associate

I enjoy sitting and watching a good fire while drinking my mulled wine. It's a fine sport. I used to ski but I don't have the time. It is also getting so expensive.

Jane Butterfield

claims supervisor

I like skiing. I don't snowboard. We get to the snow once or twice a year. I also love to ice skate at the Walnut Creek and San Francisco outdoor rinks.

Jordan Kragen



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