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Newsfront - December 12, 2008

Arnerich begins his monthly Mayor's Mornings

Danville breakfast meetings continue for third year

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Newly installed Danville Mayor Newell Arnerich broke bread with a long table of constituents at 7:30 a.m., Friday, Dec. 5, at Father Nature's restaurant and kicked off the event by having the guests introduce themselves. Then he told about the winners of the Community Service Awards, which had been given out three days before.

"We had one award for 24 years of service - that's a first," he said. The award went to Councilman Mike Shimansky, who served on the Parks Advisory Commission starting in 1984, then Parks and Leisure Services in 1986, and on the Town Council after being elected in 1989. (For a complete list of awards, go to

Arnerich also told about the financial straits of the town, explaining its reserves are in good shape, thanks to careful planning and a five-year budget whereas some towns leverage their money with bonds.

"Here everyone penny counts," he said. "We have self-inflicted discipline. … We do projects after we've saved money."

"It is incumbent on us to spend money that is 'set aside,'" he added. "We do our part to help the local economy."

Town Manager Joe Calabrigo noted that Danville has only tapped its operating reserve fund once in 26 years.

"Our credit rating is AA-plus," said Arnerich.

The next Mayor's Morning will be held at 7:30 a.m., Friday, Jan. 9, at Father Nature's on East Prospect in Danville. Most of the events will host a special guest, such as another elected official, said Arnerich.

The morning gatherings are free and open to the public. They are now in their third year, having begun in December 2006 under Mayor Mike Shimansky and continued last year with Mayor Candace Andersen.