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Perspective - December 12, 2008


Asked at the Livery

How do you get your Christmas tree?

I get my tree at Windmill Farms every year. They are fresh and reasonable. I put it on my patio with lights and it looks great. Best of all, I don't have to haul it inside!

Noel Manion

floral sales

We go to the Christmas tree lot. This year we are going to Blackhawk. We make sure the whole family goes together and we always get a Noble Fir.

Nancy and Carson Phillips


We just went to the tree lot. It's on the car. We went to the Rotary lot on Alcosta Boulevard because the schools get some of the proceeds. We always do it within the first week after Thanksgiving. We like the Noble Fir because the branches are thick and they hold the kids' ornaments well.

Deena and Paige Collier

Retired deputy sheriff and preschooler

Our family goes to Sebastopol every year and we cut it down. The kids play and we go to the Apple Farm after. This will be our seventh year.

Steve Bergstad

owner of Bergie's Burger Stop

I went to the tree lot this year. I have seven children and when they were young we would drive to Marsh Creek Road and cut it down. Now it's just me so my tree is 6 feet tall. I decorate it with family memorabilia.

Shelley Donohue

sales associate