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Newsfront - December 19, 2008

Helicopter joins search for fleeing suspect

Northwest Danville residents saw a flurry of police activity Monday as an intensive search was held for a suspect fleeing on a stolen motorcycle.

Danville Police Sgt. Dan Hoffman said the incident began shortly before 4 p.m. when Patrol Officer Paul Murphy spotted the cyclist speeding on Danville Boulevard just south of Alamo. Murphy put on lights and siren for a traffic stop but the cyclist fled at speeds greater than 80 mph. Due to rain conditions, Murphy chose not to pursue but informed other officers. A citizen reported seeing the motorcyclist turn onto Del Amigo Road and several officers converged on the scene, including a K-9 officer from Concord and the Contra Costa Sheriff's helicopter.

The motorcycle was found abandoned near the intersection of Starview Place and Starview Drive, and a check of the license plate showed the cycle as stolen out of Tracy. Murphy had recognized the driver as Bradley Martin, 19, who resides in both Danville and Tracy. Murphy went to Martin's Danville residence to speak to his family and while he was there Martin called his father. The young man indicated that he was sorry for fleeing, according to reports, and that he was willing to turn himself in. He was taken into custody and charged with possession of stolen property and probation violation.

Geoff Gillette