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Perspective - December 19, 2008


Asked at Blackhawk Shopping Center

What are your Christmas Eve plans?

We used to go to Tahoe every year but this year it will be different. Our boys are in Los Angeles and New York so this will be our first year without them. We are still getting used to the empty nest.

Sue Chainey

empty nester and dog nanny

We open all of our presents on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. We are Filipino and that is how we do it. We go to Mass first and then it's present time. This year I want a purple Care Bear.

Gabby Galicinao


I like to eat ham every year on Christmas Eve. My parents are divorced so I go to my dad's house and open presents.

Richard McElroy

customer support specialist

I am going to my mom's house in Pleasant Hill. We do dinner and presents. We are a pasta-loving family with some lamb. It's a big group of family and friends so it should be fun.

John Sbarro

sales & marketing for Skillset Online

I go to church. We all get together for dinner with the family first. We also get to open a couple of presents. I want car stuff this year but it's too expensive so I will probably get some clothing.

Ted Bates