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Perspective - December 26, 2008


asked around town in Danville

What was your most memorable New Year's?

Last year I got to fly back home on New Year's Eve. Literally, it turned to a New Year on the plane. I spent my New Year's 39,000 feet in the air! I was upgraded to first class because the plane was near empty.

Nevin Ryan

Navy officer

When I was in grade school we lived in Connecticut. One year we went to New York City to see a play on New Year's at Times Square. Right as we were leaving the theater, they were setting up for the big celebration and the city was very festive. That was exciting for a child.

Mallory Ryan

student at Vanderbilt University

It was the first year my wife and I were married. It was awhile ago but we were with family and it was exciting because there was newness to it and life ahead of us.

Jim Stilwell


We stayed up until midnight for the first time last year! We had a crab feast with the whole family. It was fun.

Alicia and Alex Davis

first- and second-graders

I went to San Francisco with friends. We were all sick with the flu but we went out to the bars anyway. We had so much fun, we had to ride BART back home. It was worth it.

Johnas DeLeon

currently unemployed