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Perspective - January 16, 2009


Asked in Danville

Will you be watching the inauguration?

Probably not. I work evenings so I will miss it. I plan on seeing it after, online and on the television news.

Lindsey Parman

substitute teacher

Yes I will try to. I voted for Obama and I am excited to see history made. My boys will watch it too.

Marisa Martin

manager, Del Monte Foods

Yes I will. My candidate won! I have not watched any inaugurations in the past so this will be exciting. This is the first candidate I've voted for that won.

Lindsey Gullette

Art Institute college student

No. I am so busy playing soccer, piano and will be in finals. I just do not have the time. I think I will record it and then I can see it later.

Kendall Vignaroli

freshman at San Ramon Valley High School

Yes, I am definitely watching it. It's historic. I can say that I watched the first black man become President. If it wasn't so expensive, I would have loved to go to Washington to see it in person.

Gary Nakagaki

Market America Unfranchise owner