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Community Pulse - January 23, 2009

Burglary suppression nets suspect

An effort to put a dent into property crimes in Danville reported some success, following the arrest of a Fremont man found to be in possession of burglary tools.

Danville Police Lt. Mark Williams said a pair of plainclothes police detectives were in the 200 block of Eldorado Drive at 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning last week when they spotted suspicious activity.

Williams said the officers saw a pair of young women in a carport of an apartment at the location and stopped to check it out. When they approached the women to make contact, they noticed a man hiding behind a nearby car. They ordered the man, identified as Alejandro Estevez, 28, to come out from behind the vehicle, which he did.

Officers said Estevez appeared nervous and unable to stand still. While the officers watched, the man attempted to drop a bag behind him and hide it. The bag was found to contain a quantity of methamphetamine and Estevez was taken into custody, according to reports.

Estevez refused to tell officers how he got to the area, so they checked the registration of vehicles in the area until they found one that was registered to the suspect. Two men were found sleeping in the auto, and a backpack was in it. The backpack belonged to Estevez and contained wirecutters and a pair of screwdrivers, tools used in breaking into automobiles, police said.

Police also found jewelry, a wallet and other items that did not belong to Estevez in the backpack.

Estevez was charged with possession of dangerous drugs, possession of burglary tools and parole violation. He was transported to the Martinez Detention Center.

Williams said the officers took down the names and addresses of the two men and two women found with Estevez but they were not arrested in the incident.

--Geoff Gillette