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Perspective - January 23, 2009


Asked in Danville

How do you alleviate stress?

I do yoga twice a week. It helps me refocus on my priorities. I would love to do it everyday.

Heather Brown

Mother Nature

I eat and walk. I don't listen to music when I walk; it's more relaxing that way. I like it because the phone is not ringing and I can hear my own thoughts.

Marina Leusing

stay-at-home mom

I kind of thrive on stress. I am adrenaline based. I eat, drink, exercise, have a meltdown and then regroup. That's my cycle.

Heidi Stepp


I take a bike ride or go for a walk. I walk a lot! I try to do it a couple of times a week. Child rearing can be stressful. Being Mr. Mom is not easy.

Ron Tess

Mr. Mom

I play with my Heeley shoes. I also like to go motocrossing on my new bike. It's so much fun.

Om Kumar

Wolf Scout


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