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Newsfront - January 30, 2009

County senior directory available

Contra Costa County has released its 2009 Senior Care Directory for Danville seniors, family members and caregivers showing a complete list of services, businesses and organizations throughout the county. It is available at the Danville Public Library, Sunrise Senior Living, Diablo Lodge and Tender Heart Home Care offices.

"What people need to know is that there are many choices of how to care for one another. Planning ahead and knowing the differences can make a huge difference in the quality of life," said publisher Yvonne Baginski. "Often, people have to make these decisions in a crisis. And in a crisis, it may not be what they want at all for the long term."

The 2009 Born To Age Senior Care Directory, which is free, compares the costs and services of local home care agencies and also what mortuaries charge for direct cremations and immediate burials, said Baginski. There's a "huge difference in cost for exactly the same service," she noted. "Knowing choice and making informed decisions can save a lot of time and money."

Directory information can also be accessed at For home delivery, send $3 to cover postage and handling to: Born To Age, P.O. Box 6863, Napa 94581.