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Perspective - January 30, 2009

Letters to the editor

Weekly missed the mark

Dear Editor:

As an avid Weekly reader, I look forward to the week's most memorable happenings. It took me by surprise to realize what was missing on this week's (Jan. 23) front cover. Where is the heroic face of Chesley Sullenberger III? Don't get me wrong. The attendance of young Danville residents at a history-making inauguration deserves honors, but again where's "Sully"? Page 5, yikes.

A grand celebration took place Saturday as Danville welcomed home an astounding man. In my opinion, a mighty individual calmly lands an Airbus A320 on a river in a metropolis saving over 150 lives is worthy of a cover story. I expected the only headline to take priority would be that of announcing our country's new President. Whoops. I think you missed the mark on this one, Weekly.

Thank you, "Sully," for restoring faith, and welcome home!

Brenda Balingit, Danville

Grace Schmidt for Alamo Town Council

Dear Editor:

Having spent her entire career in the public sector, Grace Schmidt is outstanding among the 15 candidates for Alamo Town Council. As a former Congressional Field Representative for the 10th District she has experience and knowledge of governmental planning, funding and budgeting, and will be able to hit the ground running, no on-the-job training.

Working with her for many years on neighborhood issues we have seen her abilities first-hand. She always comes to the table prepared. In a group dynamic she is a natural leader who is solution-oriented while making certain all views are heard and all sides of an issue explored. Alamo is fortunate to have Grace running for the council and we will all benefit from her expertise, dedication and passion.

Bruce and Ellen Miller, Alamo


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