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Perspective - January 30, 2009


Asked at a coffee shop

After the "Miracle on the Hudson" crash, will you pay more attention to the flight attendant's instructions?

Yes, I definitely will because I fly a lot. I like to sit next to an exit row. You get more legroom and it's safer. I tend to make trips to Dallas.

Lauren Whitlock

coordinating specialist

I really always have. I travel overseas and put on enough air miles to stay on top of it. Why can't they all land planes like Sully?

Carol MacPhail

high school teacher

Yes! Absolutely! I fly once a year and so far there have been no close calls. I totally ignored the instructions before but now I know it does make a difference.

Erik Quezada

legal assistant

I have only flown once in my whole life and it was to Mexico. I am really going to pay attention now. I don't think I will ever get in a plane crash.

Kristin Hannan

legal assistant

I always pay attention. I did before the crash as it was a part of my training. I was a flight attendant for three years, it was my dream job but I had to leave it to get married. You could not be a married flight attendant at the time.

Carol Bressoud

former United Airlines flight attendant