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Perspective - February 6, 2009

Town Council endorsements

We are impressed by the large number of highly qualified individuals who have stepped forward to serve on the first Town Council; these new leaders will be responsible for hiring key administrators, preparing the Alamo General Plan, and establishing the identity of the new town.

It was difficult to choose from among the excellent candidates hoping to serve Alamo. We are endorsing those who we feel have the best background and knowledge of the community to build the town from the start of its incorporation.

After much debate and consideration we recommend the following:

* Bob Connelly

* Vicki Koc

* Randy Nahas

* Karen McPherson

* Steve Mick

We believe that the mixture of knowledge, talent and background brought to the table by these five people would constitute the best council for the newly incorporated Town of Alamo.

In the first few years there will be a steep learning curve to build the new government. It will help to have people in office who understand Alamo and the workings of the county to make the transition go more smoothly.


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