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Perspective - February 6, 2009

Vote for incorporation

After years of preparation, signature gathering, fact-finding and fundraising, the residents of Alamo are casting their ballots to accept or reject incorporation, with mail-in voting beginning Feb. 3 for the March 3 election.

We believe the time has come for the Town of Alamo to become a reality. The community has the resources - both financial and in its talented residents - for it to come into its own as an incorporated entity.

Both sides argue that they want to keep Alamo as it is, a semi-rural community with a distinct sense of self. The difference of opinion is on how best to accomplish this.

Those in favor of incorporation argue that the community needs to be preserved by those who love it; that is, a Town Council of five people who have chosen to live in Alamo and have invested in it emotionally and financially as their home. They want the council to be responsible for Alamo tax moneys instead of the county, which can use it for purposes outside of Alamo.

Those against incorporation say that the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis was not conclusive in finding that Alamo could support itself as a town and that it would probably be necessary to raise taxes to provide services. They feel the county is responsive to the needs of Alamo and listens to its residents' concerns. They fear that incorporation would bring unwelcome and unnecessary change.

After studying the arguments of both sides, the Danville Weekly recommends incorporation, a Yes vote on Measure A. All of the council candidates are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and steering the new town to live within its means. They also are ready to address the problems of traffic, recreation and police services.

We agree with the residents who advocate Yes on Measure A that the best way to preserve Alamo and guide it into the future is with self-rule.