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Perspective - February 13, 2009


Asked at Crow Canyon Country Club

What's your best Valentine's Day memory?

I have two of them. The first is being a child in school and filling out Valentine's Day cards for all of my friends and decorating a Valentine's Day mailbox for my desk. At recess we got to go in and slip our cards into our friends' mailboxes. The second was when I didn't have a Valentine, and I spent the night with my mom going out to dinner and a movie. It was a peaceful Valentine's evening.

Christina Doell

country club director

I proposed to my girlfriend in front of the crowd at a Golden State Warrior's game last year on Valentine's Day, and my "Sarah, will you marry me?" was broadcast live on the Jumbotron at Oracle Arena. It was arranged by one of the golf members here.

Chris Souza

assistant golf pro

Not one, but 16. For the last 16 years my wife and I have sojourned to Napa to enjoy the wine, the sights, the golf, the French food and, most importantly, to keep the flame of love lit.

Martin Bracker


I remember building a triple-decker Valentine box when I was in grade school, so we could trade Valentines with the class. They were constructed out of shoe boxes and red and white crepe paper.

Karen Stepper

Danville Town Council member

Let it be known that my husband, Dennis, to my surprise, pulled up in front of our house in a stretch limousine full of roses and champagne and took me to the Korbel winery for lunch and more champagne, and the evening went from there.

Donna Cockerham

retired event planner


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