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Living - February 20, 2009

Art Space: Art Trifecta in March

by John A. Barry

The arts world in the San Ramon Valley is a busy place and I'll be updating everyone monthly on its happenings. March is the third month of the Gregorian calendar, which replaced the Julian date-keeping method, itself a reform of the Roman daybook. The month is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Mars, minus the M, is "ars," Latin for art.

This pseudo-syllogistic logic may be tortured, but this year's third month features a pleasing triad of arts events in Danville.

Museum of the San Ramon Valley (

March brings sculpture to the museum. Artists included in the sculpture exhibit, which starts on March 3, include Joe Cleary, Bill Carmel, David Mudgett, Joe Bologna, Dick Dennis, and Rob Tribble. This show is the second in a quartet of exhibits that started Feb. 3, showcasing local artists. "History of the Valley in Arts" begins March 31. And on May 5, "High School Students Create" is the featured show.

All are part of the "Art and Artists of the Valley" exhibit (Feb. 3-May 30). Check out the current exhibit of Valley artists while it's still up.

The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is located at the corner of Railroad and Prospect Avenues in downtown Danville. Call 837-3750.

The exhibits are co-sponsored with the Alamo Danville Artists' Society - speaking of which:

ADAS Annual Spring Show

Danville's Pioneer Gallery will be home to the 32nd Gala Open Spring Art Show, from Feb. 27-March 14. This annual event is open to all members of the ADAS ( as well as to nonmembers.

A juried show, it offers cash and ribbon prizes. The type of art on display runs the gamut from 2D and 3D, from modern/abstract to representational/realism and all things in between. Awards will be given at the opening reception, 4-7 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 28.

Pioneer Gallery is located at 524 Hartz Ave. in Danville. While you're at the gallery, check out:

Ekphrasis Exhibit

The Romans adapted their pantheistic system from that of the Greeks. Ares, for example, morphed into Mars. Greek gives us the word "ekphrasis," meaning "description." The ekphrasis show, curated by yours truly, opens Feb. 28 at the Pioneer Gallery and pairs painting and poetry. A synesthetic art form, ekphrasis is a poem written about another form of art - most often a painting. Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn" is an example of ekphrasis.

Artworks in the show are the creations of Pioneer Gallery members. Each will be accompanied by a poem inspired by the work that either explains or analyzes what is happening in it. Poets may also derive a personal meaning from the work based on their viewing of it and let their inner muse take it from there.

Participating poets will be selected from among a diverse group of local bards, including Nancy Fraze, Danville's poet laureate.

The show runs from Feb. 28-March 14, with a reception from 4-7 p.m. on the 28th.

I hope there's nothing to beware of in March. But do be aware of and enjoy these arts events.

--John A. Barry is a writer and aspiring artist. To share anything art-related, call him at 314-9528 or e-mail


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