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Newsfront - February 27, 2009

Hot chocolate sales translate to chocolate bunnies

Montair entrepreneurs give lift to foster children

by Geoff Gillette

In the blazing hot days of a Danville summer, many street corners are dotted with young residents raising extra cash by opening a lemonade stand.

But when winter comes around and the skies turn gray, the shrewd marketer brings out a different product. Four students from Montair Elementary School last week opened a hot cocoa stand near the Iron Horse Trail entrance off West Prospect Avenue.

What sets second-grader Nathan Garcia and first-graders Jake Romero, Daniel Corbett and Matthew Murdough apart is the reason they held the cocoa stand. Daniel's mother, Mary Ann Corbett, said the money raised by the boys will go to the Foster A Dream charity and its Great Bunny Giveaway.

"When my son and his friends wanted to do a hot cocoa stand I said that I would support it but only if they used a portion of the proceeds for charity," she explained, adding, "We had just gotten the information on the Great Bunny Giveaway and so we decided on this charity."

Foster A Dream, based in Benicia, is a nonprofit group dedicated to providing programs and resources for Bay Area foster children. Corbett said it provides a pillow, blanket and stuffed animal for children so that they have some comfort and consistency when moved from home to home. The Chocolate Bunny Giveaway is just one of several holiday giveaways they do.

Corbett said once the boys decided to have the sale they dove right in. "The boys got very serious about this project and made notes on who would bring whipped cream, marshmallows, etc. They passed out fliers at school," she said.

The boys were out along the trail last week for two hours selling hot cocoa and baked goods for 50 cents each. Corbett said that they had a goal of raising $50, in order to provide Foster A Dream with 25 bunnies. She said they were very excited when they counted up their proceeds and discovered they had raised enough money to buy 46 of the solid chocolate bunnies.


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