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Perspective - February 27, 2009


Asked at the Danville Library

How effective will the new Economic Recovery Act be?

Somewhat, but not very effective. It has a lot of good things but probably not enough help to quickly put spending money in the hands of those who most need it. It also does not spend enough on our failing infrastructure.

Joel Goldman

Alamo resident

No one can predict the outcome of this stimulus package. However, I believe in my heart that President Obama is trying really hard, and we just have to hope for the best.

Carmen Pack

Troy and Alana Pack Foundation

It depends on the specifics of the plan. The money needs to be spent wisely, not to be wasted on industries or business plans that are doomed to fail but to be spent on growth industries that can create future American jobs.

Kwong Tan


The bill will be effective for specific jobs in specific industries. I think it's patching a small crack on a huge fault line. I don't think it will be effective for a lot of us. Most of us are experiencing a drop in the value of our home, increase in our healthcare and our expenses. It will take a few years of controlled corporate and government spending until we see recovery for the average American.

Sara Jane Morris


I think it will have a positive impact. As an educator I see school districts across the country looking to cut back, and they still will need to, but not as wide and deep as a result of this package. The same is true in other areas like healthcare and water resources. In the long run, it will probably cause the economy to recover slowly, but we need the shot in the arm now.

Tom Fendyan