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Perspective - February 27, 2009

Vote No on Measure A

by R. Jean Taylor

Proponents of Alamo Incorporation Movement (AIM) have failed to demonstrate that formation and operation of a contract-city, in tandem with County Board of Supervisors, is in the best interest of 16,700 citizens of Alamo. AIM has modeled its proposed government on surrounding incorporated cities, which, over time, have grown into little fiefdoms of bureaucratic control over their citizens.

Over the past several years, a few political savvy activists have been preparing to launch their incorporation campaign, secure in the belief that an apathetic population and a few vocal "old guards" would be no opposition to a well oiled, well funded, political machine. AIM's paid advertorials, letters to the editor printed in the monthly freebee, Alamo Today, as well as articles and letters printed in this Weekly, sparked the attention of residents who, up to that point, showed little interest in the incorporation process.

On Sept. 18, 2008, at Creekside Church in Alamo, LAFCO Commissioners alleged that a 2006-07 financial analysis was feasible to support the incorporation of Alamo, and sent the issue to the County Board of Supervisors to rubber stamp approval for a March 3 election.

Fanned by anger and disappointment that incorporation had moved so swiftly, meeting all dates exactly as scheduled and printed in AIM advertorials, a sleeping giant of outraged citizens gathered to form the committee WE R ALAMO. This logo was designed to send the message, that while "I" may love Alamo, it is "WE" who ARE Alamo.

From a small grassroots meeting in August, opposing AIM and its huge network of political supporters, the voice of opposition is being heard loud and clear through signs, posters and mailings. Forced into a high speed learning curve of how to secure an election law firm, establish a political action committee, write opposing talking points to incorporation for the voter pamphlet, to printing and distribution of 10,000 No on Measure A pamphlets, WE R ALAMO has become a formidable opponent against AIM. In a few short months, opponents to incorporation have revealed AIMs pattern of half-truths and omission of factual information to the citizens of this community, which did not promote their position on incorporation.

AIM sponsored a petition drive without full disclosure of its true purpose to signors; AIM negotiated a $3 million payback debt with the County without authority; AIM continues to claim, in spite of a professionally updated financial analysis showing otherwise, that the LAFCO 2006-07 CFA is valid; AIM proposes a government with no formation of a committee for citizen oversight and no provision for the high cost of litigation to both plaintiff and the town; AIM has excluded the majority of neighborhood representatives from being part of the incorporation process.

If, on March 4, Alamo voters wake up to the BAD DEAL imposed on them by AIM, take heart. AIM will only have succeeded in establishing a feudal community, pitting neighbor against neighbor, which they will call "local control," but AIM will have permanently lost that HEART of love they claimed they had, and wanted so much, for Alamo.

R. Jean Taylor is one of the founders and leaders of the WE R ALAMO Committee


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