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Newsfront - March 6, 2009

Dream comes true

Danville woman wins Marin home in drawing

by Geoff Gillette

It was definitely a rollercoaster week for Susan Wells and her husband Brad as the Danville residents dealt with a job loss and a million dollar win all within the space of a few days.

Wells purchased a $150 raffle ticket as part of a fundraising effort put on by Community Action Marin. The group provides a wide range of children's, community and mental health service programs all throughout the Marin area.

Last year, the group held its first dream home giveaway, raffling off a beautiful $2 million home. Last year's winner chose instead to take a $1.6 million payout so the home was raffled off again this year, with Wells' ticket being drawn Feb. 21.

The news could not have come at a better time for the couple as they were dealing with the loss of Brad Wells' job working for a high tech company in Silicon Valley.

Officials with Community Action Marin say they sold around 29,000 tickets this year and awarded $200,000 in prizes besides the home giveaway.

The couple has the option of taking the home, or accepting a $1.2 million payout. So far, the Wells family has not announced which option they will pursue.


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