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Perspective - March 6, 2009

Now what?

The two-year-plus effort to incorporate Alamo ended Tuesday as 66 percent of the voters said No to Measure A.

Good, say the opponents. Now we can continue as before. They feared added bureaucracy, higher taxes and more development.

The question is: Will the volunteers who have worked hard for many years behind the scenes to represent Alamo's best interests to the county still be interested in this role? If not, who will take their place?

Many of the residents who have devoted long hours to serving on Alamo's advisory committees were the same volunteers who worked hard on the Alamo incorporation bid. Many of them ran or helped others run to serve as the first elected leaders in a town of Alamo.

Working with the county has often been a cumbersome process; it is understandable that these Alamo activists were ready to take the next step. Since cityhood was rejected, they can no longer move on to council or commission positions.

The voters rejected incorporation. Will those who voted No because they want to see Alamo remain unchanged step up to make sure it does? Will they serve on the county service areas: R-7A for parks and recreation; P-2B for policing needs; and Zone 36 for lighting and landscaping?

Alamo Improvement Association has been dealing with local issues since 1955 and it also must be credited with keeping the semi-rural character of the community. It closely monitors county plans as they formulate and its members are outspoken in what they want for Alamo. The role of this self-appointed group may be more important now than ever.

Although the majority may have voted against incorporation fearing it could adversely affect their pocketbooks in this economic climate, the reverse may prove true as the county works to balance its budget.

Change is inevitable. Now Alamo residents must continue to work to manage it. Hopefully the successful fight against incorporation will give rise to a new band of volunteers to monitor county plans for Alamo.