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- March 13, 2009

More people' decking' their homes out with vinyl

Material may cost more up-front, but lasts longer, doesn't fade

When it comes to home improvements, deck systems top the list with an estimated 4 million new decks built annually in the U.S. and 40 million remodeled decks gracing today's homes.

This rising trend has led manufacturers to offer a wider variety of deck materials, styles, and options, but choices can be overwhelming. While wood has traditionally won the popularity contest for decks due to its natural appearance, vinyl is becoming a choice material for outdoor home entertaining due to its combination of carefree maintenance, aesthetics and value.

Why are more people "decking out" their homes with vinyl? One big reason is time. Working families value leisure time more than ever because they have less time to maintain their outdoor environments. Vinyl decks are virtually maintenance-free, requiring only a yearly power-wash to maintain, whereas wood fades and deteriorates with costly regular stain and sealant applications. Unlike wood or composite, vinyl is color-fast and non-porous, so dirt and stains don't collect to compromise appearance. Vinyl decks retain their original fresh appearance for many decades.

"Consumers are also choosing vinyl to save money. While vinyl has a higher up-front cost than wood, it lasts longer and delivers a total return on investment in just five to seven years versus wood, which delivers no payback due to its prohibitive maintenance costs," said Deron Manwaring, national sales and marketing manager for Royal Outdoor Products.

Not all vinyl deck systems are the same. Find a supplier with a complete vinyl package that includes not only basic deck materials, but compatible vinyl rails, posts and trim to create an integrated look that adds curb appeal to your home exterior. Whether you're a homeowner or residential contractor, you want an experienced vinyl deck company that delivers custom, innovative solutions to suit specific needs and tastes.

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