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Perspective - March 13, 2009


Asked at a Danville market

What was your best "luck of the Irish" experience?

Ten years ago on an Irish family get-together at Fitzgerald's in Reno, I got a roll of silver dollars and put three coins into the first machine I saw. Three 7's came up and I won $1,500! While waiting for the cashier to return with my winnings, I put three coins in the machine next to it and, again, three 7's and another $1,500! I couldn't believe my luck and neither could the casino employees.

Mark Linn


When my kids were in kindergarten at Sycamore Elementary, the leprechauns (teachers?) would turn everything upside down (desks, chairs, etc.) and sprinkle gold dust and green things around on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. The next morning the "luck of the Irish" would hit the classroom, and the kids would be amazed in realizing the leprechauns had been in their class. The best part was seeing the look on the kids' faces.

Mendy Oliver

recipe consultant

My luckiest experience started by meeting my wife in Iowa. Then we got married in 1965, bought a '65 Mustang on a Ford no-down-payment promotion and went on our honeymoon to Northern California. We eventually moved there in 1980 with AT&T and to Danville in 1982, where my wife and I have been ever since. With two great sons and daughters-in-law and four grandkids, I'm a very lucky good-off grandpa.

Jim Stout

retired, telephone company

My lucky experience was the birth of my son, Sebastian, who is now 5. We tried to have a child for 10 years and finally succeeded. He's our miracle, our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Kathy Carpou


Our luck came when my husband was transferred to Paris with IBM. While we were based in this wonderful city, I was able to join him in his business travels to the great cities of Europe. We were lucky to have access to all this for three years. Culturally, it was a very rich experience.

Grace Schmidt

retired political employee