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Perspective - March 20, 2009


Asked at Sycamore Square in Danville

Should there be an age limit for having a cell phone?

A person should be at least 11 years old to own a cell phone because they're starting middle school and it's safe at that age. It would be very convenient, especially if the person gets lost.

Sultana Gardizi

eighth-grade student, Los Cerros Middle School

Cell phones are such a good idea for any age, particularly when you need help. It could be an emergency or for a ride, especially at 10 years old on up.

Gail Faber

teacher, Museum of the San Ramon Valley

I don't think so, because you may need to call your parents. It's a good way to stay in touch with friends, especially when they move. My sister has one, but I don't because my mom won't let me until I get straight A's.

Patrick Baur

sixth-grade student, Charlotte Wood Middle School

I have two girls, 4 and 8 years old, and we're struggling with the issue now. We feel the older girl will only need a phone for us to know where she is when we're not around, like when games are over at sporting events and she needs to be picked up. It should be limited to calling parents and not friends.

Fred George

security company director of operations

I don't think so because it depends on the person or family and what is needed. Family member could be out a lot and need to stay in touch and coordinating time schedules. Also, it makes things easier in family and social life or for safety and emergency reasons.

Kelsey Makaiwi

10th-grade student, San Ramon Valley High