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Newsfront - March 20, 2009

Tapping the potential of drinking water

The UNICEF Tap Project is coming to Danville to raise awareness of the nearly 900 million people who do not have access to clean water or adequate sanitation. To celebrate World Water Day, customers in some restaurants will be asked to pay $1 for a glass of water that would normally be free, from March 22-28. This money goes toward the Tap Project to support UNICEF water programs to provide clean, safe drinking water to children around the world.

"The restaurants in town were supportive last year and even more supportive this year," Debi Koenig, who helped find Danville restaurants to participate. They are the Peasant and the Pear, Uptown Café, Sideboard, Valley Medlyn, mangia Mi, Bridges, Faz, Basil Leaf Café, Amber Bistro, Piatti and Forbes Mill.

The Danville Town Council proclaimed March 22 as World Water Day in a proclamation signed March 3.


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